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Beverly Pacific Sterilizers are assembled using standard or custom designed Beverly Pacific pressure vessels manufactured by others to ARS specifications using the Beverly Pacific proprietary wedge lock door, believed to be the most reliable door lock mechanism with the fewest moving parts on the market. Beverly Pacific Sterilizers also are available as custom assembled remanufactured sterilizers using pressure vessels provided by our customers or from our inventory of used pressure vessels.


Remanufactured cGMP Sterilizer

Configurations an
d typical chamber interior sizes (w x h x l):
• Single door or double door pass-through
• Manual hinged, vertical or horizontal sliding doors
• Small chambers: 16 x 16 x 20; 20 x 20 x 38"
• Medium chambers: 26 x 26 x 26, 39 or 52"
• Large chambers: 24 x 36 x 36, 48 or 60"
• Bulk chambers: 26 x 62 x42 or 76; 48 x 84 x 84"
• Custom formats up to 2,400 cubic feet capacity on request
• Biocontainment barrier flanges at one or both ends

Controls systems include:
• ARS electro-mechanical systems for general purpose sterilizers (GP), ARS Frontier 2000™ PLC controls for general purpose, prevacuum (PV) sterilizers and cGMP sterilizers.
• Standard piping is of threaded brass and silver soldered copper pipe. No copper tubing is used except for gauge lines.
• cGMP piping is custom designed to meet the particular cGMP requirements of the pharma, biotech, medical device or diagnostic manufacturing facility. Configurations are designed to perform in accordance with the cycle type. Piping materials may be threaded brass/copper, threaded stainless steel or full sanitary stainless tubing and components. ARS offers configurations to meet EN285 steam quality and air removal testing if required.

Loading equipment includes:
• Fixed shelves
• Adjustable shelves on removable rack
• Load cart and transfer carriage
• Floor load cart for bulk chamber sizes

Steam supply:
• Integral steam generators, manufactured by others within the frame
• Stand alone electric steam generators
• Plant/facility steam

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